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Controller,  Printing & Stationery Department,

Haryana, Sector-18A, Chandigarh.




       The Printing & Stationery Department, Haryana is a Service providing Department which caters to the needs and necessities of all the Government Departments regarding printing and stationery items.  Requirements of printed material and stationery items from Government departments are received and consolidated by the Department. The Department undertakes printing work in Government presses situated at Chandigarh, Panchkula & Karnal. The department is also the Nodal Department for publication of

Service provided by the Department.

  • Printing work related to Haryana Government Departments is being executed by the presses like Speeches of H.E. Governor of Haryana, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Ministers, Vidhan Sabha Debates, Budget Documents, Gradation list, Administrative Reports, different kinds of Forms, Registers, Envelopes, Calendar, Diary, Posters, Brochures, Pamphlets, Government Polices and Election Materials etc.
  • Printing of the different types of forms for different Departments of the Government of Haryana and supply thereof.
  • Printing & Supply/Sale of the different publications of the Haryana Government.
  • Purchase and supply of Stationery Items for the different Departments of the Haryana Govt.

The above works are being executed in the following Government Presses of Printing & Stationery Department :-

  • Haryana Govt. Press, Sector-18A, Chandigarh.
  • Haryana Govt. Text Books Press, Sector-6, Panchkula.
  • Haryana Govt. Press, Kaithal Road, Karnal.

Branches of the Department.

Administration Branch

All the service matters are being dealt in the administrative branch under the supervision of the Administrative Officer. Cases are duly examined as per service rules and instructions issued from time to time.

Accounts Branch

Financial matters of the department are dealt by the Accounts branch. Cases relating to budget, payment of salary, allowances, medical bills and loan cases of employees of the department are dealt by this branch.

Haryana Govt. Press, Chandigarh/Panchkula Press Branch

This branch looks after the technical and ministerial works of the presses and necessary payments are being released after duly pre-audited/advised by the Accounts Branch. E-Tenders regarding purchase of Press Material are invited through advertisements in the Newspapers and on the web portal of e-procurementharyana. Purchases are finalized by Standing Purchase Committee (Higher) constituted by the Haryana Government.

Stationery Branch.

This Branch deals in the procurement, storage and supply of the different Stationery items and photostat paper to the different Departments of the State Govt. and different type of paper to Haryana Govt. Presses. E-Tenders are invited through advertisements in the different Newspapers and on the web portal of e-procurementharyana. Purchases are finalized by the Standing Purchase Committee/Stationery Selection and Purchase Committee constituted by the Haryana Government. After that these Items are supplied to the various Departments as per their demand/requirement.

Publication Branch.

Different types of Govt. Publications i.e. C.S.R. Volumes, P.F.R. Volumes, S.T. Rs, Gazette Notifications etc. are stored and supplied to the different Departments by this branch in stipulated period. A sale counter has also been established in the branch to sell these priced publications. Moreover, the work of the publishing of different gazette Notifications of Govt. i.e. extra gazette Notifications are printed same day and Ordinary Gazette Notifications are printed every Tuesday and dispatched on Friday.

Form Branch.

This branch place orders for the printing of different types of Registers and Forms as per the requirement of the different Departments of the State Govt. After getting these printed, the same are supplied to the indenting Departments by this branch. The different forms used by the different Departments are as under :-

  1. Departmental Forms (Standard Form & Non-standard Forms).
  2. Accounts & Treasury Forms.
  3. Universal Forms.

Typewriters Workshop.

The Govt. Typewriter Workshop is a service provider which caters to the needs of different Departments of the Govt. at the Headquarter as well as in the field offices from Tehsil level to District Headquarters The work of major repairs/maintenance of the typewriters is being done by this branch in 1-2 days after receipt of call from the concerned office. Condemnation & action of old typewriters/Photostat machines & duplicators is also done by this branch.

Text Book Cell Branch.

This branch was established in view of the storage, supply and distribution of the Text Books printed for Ist to 8th Classes of Government Schools. As per Government order, this work is being done through private presses by the Education Department since 2012.

Outside Printing Branch.

Those works, which are not possible to be done by the Government presses are executed through this branch by inviting tenders.

Haryana Govt. Press, Chandigarh/Panchkula Store Branch.

To procure/storage of different types of paper and press material is the main work of this branch. E-Tenders regarding disposal of waste paper, reel core and reel thabba are invited through advertisements in the Newspaper and on the web portal of e-procurementhartyana by this branch.