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 The e-tenders invited vide tender notice Short Term eTender/CP&S/Machine-2019 for the purchase of Digital Coloured Production Machine and Digital High Speed Copier Machines last submission dated 05-03-2019.

Tender Document’s Page No.22, Sr.No.13 may please be read as under:-

“Digital Coloured Production Machine security will be released after 5 Years FASMA and Digital High Speed Copier Machines Security will be release after guaranty/warranty period i.e. after 24 Months instead of Security will be released after guaranty/warranty period”

Tender Document’s page No.23 Sr.No.21 Para (i) may please be read as under:-

“The machine should be supplied and installed within 10 days from the date of issue of the supply order, failing which penalty @ 2% per day shall be imposed.”

Tender Document’s Page No.27, Specification of the Digital Coloured Production Machine(e) Banner may please be read as under:-

(1) Minimum Size of Banner printing 13”x25” with by pass Tray Capacity 200 Sheets. (2) Total Tray Capacity of the Production Machine 1000 Sheets instead of Banner with Printing with Tray Capacity of 1000 Sheet.

Other Terms and Conditions will remain unchanged.



Printing & Stationery Department,

Haryana, Chandigarh.

Posted on:- Feb 27, 2019